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Submission acceptance begins: 14 October 2017
Submission deadline: 31 June 2018
Special Guest Editors:
Liang Zhao, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Haijiang Zhang, School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China
As one of end-member boundaries of plate tectonics, subduction zone have always been one of the key aspects in geosciences. Subduction zones not only control the occurrence of largest earthquakes and giant volcano eruptions on the Earth, but also influence the thermal and material exchanges between the Earth’s surface and interior. Studying the structure and dynamics of subduction zones is therefore of significant importance for understanding the origin of plate tectonics, the source mechanism of great earthquakes, the structure and evolution of oceanic lithosphere, the evolution of the Earth’s mantle and core and so on.
With the advances of new techniques in seismology, mineralogy and geodynamics, important discoveries related to subduction zones have been continuously made in recent years. Here in this special issue, we welcome contributions about subduction zone studies from all the geophysical areas, including but not limited to seismology, geodynamics, etc. We hope such a special issue provides significantly new insights into the subduction zone mechanism and promotes more related studied in Chinese geophysical community.
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