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Excitation of extremely low-frequency chorus emissions: The role of background plasma density
Electron acceleration in interaction of magnetic islands in large temporal-spatial turbulent magnetic reconnection
Choice of suitable regional and residual gravity maps, the case of the South-West Cameroon zone
Lineament characteristics using gravity data in the Garoua Zone, North Cameroon: Natural risks implications
Crustal strain rates of southeastern Tibetan Plateau derived from GPS measurements and implications to lithospheric deformation of the Shan-Thai terrane
Contemporary crustal tectonic movement in the southern Sichuan-Yunnan block based on dense GPS observation data
Seismic evidence for the existence of an entrained mantle flow coupling the northward advancing Indian plate under Tibet
Crustal thicknesses and Poisson's ratios beneath the Chuxiong-Simao Basin in the Southeast Margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Magnetosphere response to the IMF turning from north to south