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Propagation of positive, negative, and recoil leaders in upward lightning flashes
Triangulation of red sprites observed above a mesoscale convective system in North China
Application of cloud multi-spectral radiances in revealing cloud physical structures
Quasi-90-day oscillation observed in the MLT region at low latitudes from the Kunming meteor radar and SABER
Role of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific in the East Asian summer monsoon system
The first two leading modes of the tropical Pacific and their linkage without global warming
Evaluating the Brewer–Dobson circulation and its responses to ENSO, QBO, and the solar cycle in different reanalyses
Toward better watching of the deep atmosphere over East Asia
A multi-location joint field observation of the stratosphere and troposphere over the Tibetan Plateau
Double cores of the Ozone Low in the vertical direction over the Asian continent in satellite data sets