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Recent investigations of the near-Mars space environment by the planetary aeronomy and space physics community in China
A MAVEN investigation of O++ in the dayside Martian ionosphere
Photoelectron pitch angle distribution near Mars and implications on cross terminator magnetic field connectivity
Effects of a dipole-like crustal field on solar wind interaction with Mars
South-north asymmetry of proton density distribution in the Martian magnetosheath
An ICME impact on the Martian hydrogen corona
The variations of the Martian exobase altitude
A case study of large-amplitude ULF waves in the Martian foreshock
Upstream proton cyclotron waves: occurrence and amplitude dependence on IMF cone angle at Mars — from MAVEN observations
A new model describing Forbush Decreases at Mars: combining the heliospheric modulation and the atmospheric influence
EUV-dependence of Venusian dayside ionopause altitude: VEX and PVO observations
Turbulence in the near-Venusian space: Venus Express observations