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In memory of professor Weixing Wan
The payloads of planetary physics research onboard China’s First Mars Mission (Tianwen-1)
Mars Ion and Neutral Particle Analyzer (MINPA) for Chinese Mars Exploration Mission (Tianwen-1): Design and ground calibration
The Mars rover subsurface penetrating radar onboard China's Mars 2020 mission
Calibration of Mars Energetic Particle Analyzer (MEPA)
Moderate Resolution Imaging Camera (MoRIC) of China’s First Mars Mission Tianwen-1
Overview of the Mars climate station for Tianwen-1 mission
Mars Orbiter magnetometer of China’s First Mars Mission Tianwen-1
Response of photoelectron peaks in the Martian ionosphere to solar EUV/X-ray irradiance
Observation of CO2++ dication in the dayside Martian upper atmosphere
Bidirectional electron conic observations for photoelectrons in the Martian ionosphere
A method of estimating the Martian neutral atmospheric density at 130 km, and comparison of its results with Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey aerobraking observations based on the Mars Climate Database outputs
A local Martian crustal field model: Targeting the candidate landing site of the 2020 Chinese Mars Rover