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Preface to the Special Issue on recent advances in the study of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles and Ionospheric Scintillation
Multi-instrument study of longitudinal wave structures for plasma bubble seeding in the equatorial ionosphere
On the solar activity dependence of midnight equatorial plasma bubbles during June solstice periods
Roles of thermospheric neutral wind and equatorial electrojet in pre-reversal enhancement, deduced from observations in Southeast Asia
Interaction between Equatorial Plasma Bubbles and a Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance, observed by OI 630 nm airglow imaging at Bom Jesus de Lapa, Brazil
Occurrence characteristics of branching structures in equatorial plasma bubbles: a statistical study based on all-sky imagers in China
Observations of equatorial plasma bubbles during the geomagnetic storm of October 2016
Plasma depletions lasting into daytime during the recovery phase of a geomagnetic storm in May 2017: Analysis and simulation of GPS total electron content observations
Case study of an Equatorial Plasma Bubble Event investigated by multiple ground-based instruments at low latitudes over China
A measure of ionospheric irregularities: zonal velocity and its implications for L-band scintillation at low-latitudes
Review of ionospheric irregularities and ionospheric electrodynamic coupling in the middle latitude region