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Preface to the special collection of Induced Earthquakes
Spatial-temporal evolution of injection-induced earthquakes in the Weiyuan Area determined by machine-learning phase picker and waveform cross-correlation
Machine-learning-facilitated earthquake and anthropogenic source detections near the Weiyuan Shale Gas Blocks, Sichuan, China
Development of a new high resolution waveform migration location method and its applications to induced seismicity
Determination of the local magnitudes of small earthquakes using a dense seismic array in the Changning−Zhaotong Shale Gas Field, Southern Sichuan Basin
Teleseismic waves reveal anisotropic poroelastic response of wastewater disposal reservoir
3D geomechanical modeling of the response of the Wilzetta Fault to saltwater disposal
Non-storm erosion of MeV electron outer radiation belt down to L* < 4.0 associated with successive enhancements of solar wind density
Study on electron stochastic motions in the magnetosonic wave field: Test particle simulations