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Incoherent scatter radar (ISR) observations of high-frequency enhanced ion and plasma lines induced by X/O mode pumping around the critical altitude
Ionospheric TEC and plasma anomalies possibly associated with the 14 July 2019 Mw7.2 Indonesia Laiwui earthquake, from analysis of GPS and CSES data
Effects of polarization-reversed electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves on the ring current dynamics
Statistical study of “trunk-like” heavy ion structures in the inner magnetosphere
A machine-learning-based electron density (MLED) model in the inner magnetosphere
A new inclination-based method to evaluate the global geomagnetic configuration and axial dipole moment
Vertical crustal deformation velocity and its influencing factors over the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau based on satellite gravity data
Interpretation of locally high gravity anomalies using terrestrial gravity data in Bagodo, North Cameroon
Application of active-source surface waves in urban underground space detection: A case study of Rongcheng County, Hebei, China
The anisotropy of hexagonal close-packed iron under inner core conditions: the effect of light elements
No seamount subduction, no magmatic arc?