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Preface to the Special Issue on the Macau Science Satellite-1 Mission
Modeling the energetic electron fluxes in the inner radiation belt based on a drift-source model
Dynamics of the inner electron radiation belt: A review
Thermal stability analysis of a satellite-borne optical bench based on quasi-kinematic support
Design of the solar X-ray detector for the Macau Science Satellite-1B
Design and analysis of the Macau Science Satellite-1’s laser retro-reflector array
Numerical simulation of the sensor output on Macau Science Satellite-1
Study on the estimation of Euler angles for Macau Science Satellite-1
Simulation for MSS-2 low-perigee elliptical orbit satellites: an example of lithospheric magnetic field modelling
The effect of model errors in ensemble sequential assimilation of geomagnetic field
Dynamic mode decomposition of the geomagnetic field over the last two decades
The study of geomagnetic jerk from 2010 to 2021 based on hourly mean data from global geomagnetic observatories
A novel geomagnetic satellite constellation: Science and applications
A global mantle conductivity model derived from 8 years of Swarm satellite magnetic data
A finite volume method for global electromagnetic induction forward modeling on collocated unstructured grids
The behavior of a lithospheric magnetization and magnetic field model
Study of the geomagnetic field’s regional gradients in Chinese continent using three-dimensional surface Spline model
Theoretical study of the ionospheric dynamo region inside the South Atlantic Anomaly
Influences of various space current systems on the geomagnetic field in near-Earth space