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ISSN  2096-3955

CN  10-1502/P

Citation: Peng, Y. Q., Zhang, L. B., Cai, Z. G., Wang, Z. G., Jiao, H. L., Wang, D. L., Yang, X. T., Wang, L. G., Tan, X., Wang, F., Fang, J., Sun, Z. L., Feng, H. L., Huang, X. R., Zhu, Y., Chen, M., Li, L. H., and Li, Y. H. (2020). Overview of the Mars climate station for Tianwen-1 mission. Earth Planet. Phys., 4(4), 371–383.

2020, 4(4): 371-383. doi: 10.26464/epp2020057

Overview of the Mars climate station for Tianwen-1 mission


Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry, Beijing 100076, China


National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100012, China


National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100012, China


Chinese Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology, Beijing 100012, China

Corresponding author: YongQing Peng,

Received Date: 2020-05-26
Web Publishing Date: 2020-07-30

The background and scientific objectives of the Mars Climate Station (MCS) for Tianwen-1 are introduced, accompanied by a comparative review of the status of related meteorological observation missions and of advanced sensing technologies. As one of the China Tianwen-1 Mission’s principal scientific payloads, the MCS contains four measurement sensors and one electronic processing unit that are specially designed to measure local temperature, pressure, wind, and sound on the Martian surface. The MCS’s measurement principles, technical schemes, ground calibration techniques, and adaptability evaluation to the Mars surface environment of MCS are introduced in details. The conclusion presents measurement performance specifications of the MCS, based on ground test results, that will provide guidance to future research based on data from the Tianwen-1 and later Mars missions.

Key words: Tianwen-1, Mars exploration, Mars climate station

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Overview of the Mars climate station for Tianwen-1 mission

YongQing Peng, LeiBo Zhang, ZhiGuo Cai, ZhaoGang Wang, HaiLong Jiao, DongLi Wang, XianTao Yang, LianGuo Wang, Xu Tan, Feng Wang, Jing Fang, ZhouLu Sun, HongLiang Feng, XiaoRui Huang, Yan Zhu, Ming Chen, LiangHai Li, YanHua Li